World Vasectomy Day – The 10th Anniversary

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A small snip for man – a giant leap for human kind(ness) – WVD



To celebrate the 10th anniversary and responsible men, World Vasectomy Day (WVD) is organizing events throughout the month of November, culminating in the 24-hour global celebration on December 2nd on Facebook Live.

WVD was founded in 2013 by filmmaker Jonathan Stack and vasectomy provider Dr. Doug Stein. Originally a single-day event whose objective was to increase access to and awareness about vasectomy, today the WVD Project is a year-round program.

Each year we celebrate during the month of November with activities for doctors and institutions, discounted services, and a day-long celebration where we connect with partners in over 24 countries.

You can see the full program here, check out more resources here, vasectomy FAQs here, download the program from the link above, and watch the video here:


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