If Not for the Animals, Do it for the Planet

Aydurmus, Didem

Liberation Berlin More and more people go vegan. At least it seems like it. The vegan market […]

Photo courtesy of Didem Aydurmus | 2012

The Green Republic of China

Aydurmus, Didem

Have you heard about China’s latest crackdown on pollution? Forbes writes, it is “estimated that 40 percent […]

Solar panels in Bulgaria by Margita Noethlichs

The War on Facts – Why Science Loses Against Populism

Aydurmus, Didem

At first sight the idea of a War on Facts may appear too strong. However, the consequences […]

Original image created by Andre Fritz for inclusion with this post

10 reasons to reconsider democracy –A non-comprehensive list

Aydurmus, Didem

One phrase we often hear is “Don’t kill the messenger.” It is meant as a reminder that […]