MOBRO: High Seas Drifterby Scott Greene
2015, Oil on Canvas on Panel, 50"x64 | Do you remember the MOBRO? The infamous garbage barge back in the early 80’s that couldn’t find a friendly port? It travelled from the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island, a borough of New York City, as far south as Belize and then back - paranoia over potential bio-hazards during the early stages of the AIDS epidemic kept it moving on.


Wagner, David

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II is a traveling museum exhibition, the purpose of which is 1.) to recognize, document, […]

Arthur Singer Bee Eaters and Rollers, Birds of the Seven Continents, Gouache on board, 1974, Private Collection

Arthur Singer: The Wildlife Art of an American Master

Wagner, David

David Wagner shares an excerpt from his introduction to the soon-to-be published book: Arthur Singer: The Wildlife […]

Rookeries at the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge, California, © M.C. Tobias

Reflections on Michael C. Tobias’s and Jane Gray Morrison’s Anthrozoology: Embracing Co-Existence in the Anthropocene

Wagner, David

David Wagner. Ph.D. reviews Anthrozoology: Embracing Co-Existence in the Anthropocene by Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison. You can […]

Lisa Lebofsky Petzval Glacier, 2011, oil paint on aluminum, 40x64 inches, © Lisa Lebofsky Included in Environmental Impact

Recognizing the Power of Art

Wagner, David

Environmental Impact sequel continues to share artistic works focused on pressing environmental issues   A sequel to […]

Ron Kingswood b. 1959, St. Thomas, Ontario; Resides, Sparta, OntarioPhoto by Linda Kingswood

Bold ● Large ● Layered ● Minimalist ● Environmental

Wagner, David

 Essay excerpted with permission of Author from: The Wildlife Art of Ron Kingswood You could say that […]