The author and his son at the Global Climate Strike in Hartford, Connecticut

Raising an Ecowarrior: The Early Childhood Years

Erik Assadourian

Nearly four years ago I wrote in Adbusters about how I had been raising my son to […]


Listening for Greensong

Erik Assadourian

This blog was originally published by on July 31, 2019. All around us is Greensong—the sounds, […]

Still image from Downsizing | Paramount Pictures

Having Your Bit of Cake and Eating it Too?

Erik Assadourian

Downsizing, the film by Alexander Payne, which follows Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) as he decides to shrink […]

Time Machine by thethreesisters | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Taking a Ride in the Time Machine

Erik Assadourian

This post was originally published on December 16, 2014 and is shared again in reflection of the […]

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Why We Must Talk About Population

Erik Assadourian

Erik Assadourian responds to David Roberts’ Self-Censorship on Overpopulation. This article is cross-published by the Worldwatch Institute […]

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Futureproofing America with a Yardfarming Revolution

Erik Assadourian, Pope, Cullen

Yardfarmers is a new reality TV/documentary series hybrid for release in Spring 2017. The show will follow […]

Jacob Peter Gowy’s “The Flight of Icarus.”

Learning from Icarus

Erik Assadourian

A reflection on how making society more resilient may be worse than doing nothing at all. What if […]

Image by thethreesisters via Flickr

Taking a Ride in the Time Machine

Erik Assadourian

This week I’ve been reading Global Environmental Politics: From Person to Planet, by State of the World 2013 contributor […]

time for a new environmentalism

Time for a New Environmentalism

Erik Assadourian

Environmentalists can learn a lot from the successes of missionary religious movements Since the early years of […]