Owl’s Rest

Marianne Bickett

Encountering the Wild Where We Are This evening I was relieved to see her take flight. It […]

Summer tide

Marianne Bickett

I love the smell of the earth sweating at the close of a hot summer day, how […]

Wolves: Biodiversity, Spirituality, and Peril

Marianne Bickett

Marianne Bickett, Wolf Collage I (detail), papers, tempera paint, 2009, © 2021 Marianne Bickett Twenty years ago, […]

The Cackling Geese: Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge

Marianne Bickett

First Autumn, 2020 We hear them before we see them rising from the mist of dawn from […]

Marianne Bickett Our Plastic World

Our Plastic World

Marianne Bickett

Photo Marianne Bickett © 2021 A short version of the article below was recently published in the […]

Coronavirus, Instrument of Change: How the Arts will usher in a New Era 

Marianne Bickett

This essay was written for and included in the anthology After The Pandemic: Visions of Life Post COVID-19. […]