Some Perspectives on Linked Ecosystems and Socio-Economic Systems

| August 16, 2013 | Leave a Comment


Ecosystems and socio-economic systems are complex adaptive systems, composed of individual agents with their own selfish agendas.  

Kenneth Arrow, Paul Ehrlich, and Simon Levin explore the links between these systems and the challenges facing management as they reflect on Partha Dasgupta’s pioneering work.

Both the human enterprise and ecosystems are complex systems, in both the everyday and the technical senses. The elements of each have many direct and indirect connections. Perturbations in one sector will ultimately have consequences, large or small, on other sectors seemingly far removed. What is more, the consequences in remote sectors in turn affect the sector with the initial disturbance, possibly offsetting it, possibly magnifying it. 

To read more, access the full article here: Some Perspectives on Linked Ecosystems and Socio-Economic Systems; Arrow, Ehrlich and Levin; 2013

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