Statement of Commitment to Ecocentrism

| April 17, 2017 | Leave a Comment

Together Haydn Washington, Bron Taylor, Helen Kopnina, Paul Cryer and John J. Piccolo developed a statement of commitment to ecocentrism. Those who sign the statement do so because they hold and advocate an ecocentric worldview that finds intrinsic and inherent value in all of nature and the ecosphere.

We maintain that the ecosphere, including the life it contains, is an inherent good, irrespective of whether humans are the ones valuing it.

The statement posits that ecocentrism is important for multiple reasons including: in ethical terms, in evolutionary terms, in spiritual terms, and in ecological terms.

Everyone (even academics seeking objectivity) are influenced by their worldview, ethics and values. To date, most Western thought has been rooted in an anthropocentric worldview. Despite great progress on some environmental fronts, it has become increasingly clear that an anthropocentric worldview provides an insufficient basis for preserving ecospheric diversity. We maintain that a transformation towards an ecocentric worldview is a necessary path for the flourishing of life on Earth, including that of our own species.

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