The MAHB Mission

The MAHB Mission

 The MAHB Mission

Foster, fuel and inspire a global dialogue on the threat of collapse and how interconnected  biogeophysical and socio-economic systems contribute to, and are affected by, the existential threats facing humanity;


Develop and implement strategies for shifting human cultures and institutions towards practices that promote a future in which people can live peaceful and productive lives.

 Objectives and Strategies

1. Create a mechanism for progressive global civil society to collaborate for greater political and cultural impact;

2. Explore the promotion of foresight intelligence —the bridge between understanding the threat of collapse and effective action; the key to fostering “future smart” individual, institutional and political behavior;

3. Build system-based understanding of the existential threats facing humanity and the implications of a failure to reverse current trends and trajectories.

There is now unequivocal evidence that humanity has seriously reduced the ability of the planet to support civilization indefinitely.  The cumulative knowledge clearly shows that the global ecosystems upon which humanity depends have been significantly degraded. Additional systems, including politics and economics, also show signs of stress. Without a fundamental shift in our personal practices and institutions, the indefinite continuity of societies around the globe, an unchallenged assumption of past thinking, is now seriously in question.  With this decisive diagnosis of the ill-health of our systems there is the clear immediate need for ambitious corrective action.

The MAHB’s core commitment is to develop that remedy. We propose to do so by fostering collaboration among the millions of citizens, organizations and institutions who share our concern. We propose to grow a global network whose collective knowledge and energy can be harnessed to advance practices and norms that protect the integrity of future generations.


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