Golden Grounds

| April 22, 2016 | Leave a Comment

The Global Soil Forum unveils its international web campaign with the release of the song Golden Grounds by Berlin artist Katie LaVoix (Beat n’ Blow).  The Global Soil Forum launches this web campaign to make global challenges and change processes transparent for the general public in the forefront of the next Global Soil Week set for April 2017.

Words/Music and Vocals: Katie LaVoix | Recording/Production: Markus ‘Onkel’ Lingner | Concept: Ulli Keil and Inken Mischke | Animation: Ulli Keil | Camera: Inken Sarah Mischke (Berlin), Shiv Parkash (New Delhi), Rodrigo Ferdinand (Rio de Janiero), Joseph Muriuki (Kisumu)

You can download the song for free as an MP3, and read the lyrics here.

As part of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, founded by the former German Environmental Minister, Klaus Töpfer, the work of the Global Soil Forum with an international network of partners envisions a world in which soil is sustainably managed and responsibly governed. This is a vision in which functioning ecosystems and the equitable distribution of resources predominate over the current reality of land degradation, enduring poverty and hunger. It implies unraveling the Gordian Knot of an increasing world population amidst ever fiercer competition for a limited and even shrinking pool of resources, and the creation of pathways for sustainable and equitable development.

The crux of the Global Soil Forum’s vision is that both the poor and the affluent people of the world must benefit and be a part of the solutions. This will require global cooperation and skillful means. The sustainability research institute IASS, home to the Global Soil Forum, searches for these pathways using a trans-disciplinary approach for engaged research in which science is in conversation with society.

Learn more about the campaign here!

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