Catch of Pacific sardines via NOAA FishWatch

(No) more fish in the sea

Moeller, Holly

In mid-April, a 20-million-dollar industry hit the brakes when the Pacific Fishery Management Council voted to close […]

Penicillium notatum by Crulina 98 via Wikimedia Commons

Doctor Nature: How our health hinges on biodiversity

Moeller, Holly

In 1928, a Scottish biologist named Alexander Fleming got very, very lucky. So lucky, in fact, that he […]

Mind the Gap by Leo Marco | Flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Mind the Gap

Moeller, Holly

Recently the Pew Research Center unveiled results from a poll comparing the scientific views of the American public and […]

Sea ice packs Woods Hole harbor, surrounding the R/V Knorr in port at Woods 
Hole Oceanographic Institution. Photo by Holly V. Moeller, 19 February 2015.

Winter in the Anthropocene: Why snowstorms don’t disprove climate change

Moeller, Holly

On Sunday afternoon, I sat at my desk working on a grant proposal while yet another snowstorm […]