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A Plan for the Nations – Step Four

Arnold Byron has previously written about his Plan for the Nations in the MAHB blog. Step Four is a synthesis of these posts and a call to action for how we may ignite this plan. In the beginning plants and animals of every kind were already on the scene. The atmosphere had been cleaned of excess greenhouse gases, […]

A Plan for the Nations –Step Three

Thank you MAHB. Two previous articles of mine have been published to this blogsite: A Plan for the Nations and A Plan for the Nations – Step Two, and I have received insightful feedback from many of you. In my first article I wrote about overpopulation, global warming and nuclear disaster. These are the problems […]

A Plan for The Nations – Step Two

The purpose of this writing is to outline a hands-on, work-oriented plan that will heal the planet and save humanity from the ravages of global warming, overpopulation and nuclear disaster. NO! STOP! The forgoing statement does not explain the purpose of this writing. The purpose of this writing is to outline an idea for an […]

A Plan for the Nations

Please consider this caveat. In this essay, whenever I use plural pronouns such as we, they, us, them, or the names of groups such as everybody, everyone, or people I am referring to all of the people on Earth. Now let us begin the essay. The problem with global warming is that it is global. […]

Rich nations’ climate plans fall short of hopes for Paris summit

With Australia submitting its strategy earlier in the week, Reuters used the pledges of developed nations to calculate if cuts will meet targets for the U.N. summit in Paris. The conclusion, the pledges fall well short of what is needed. Developed nations are on track to cut their greenhouse emissions by almost 30 percent by […]

Psychological and Educational Dimensions of Sustainability Planning

IPAT. Impact= Population x Affluence x Technology. A commonly understood formula used to express the idea that environmental influence is the product of these three factors. The focus of our Love-Power Institute centers on Affluence and Addictive Appetite. Overpopulation is outside of our expertise, and we’ll address technology in a linked essay in the MAHB […]

Planetary Stewardship in the Anthropocene – A Dialogue with Astrobiologist David Grinspoon

This is an ongoing Q&A blog series focused on the need to embrace our common planetary citizenship. David Grinspoon is Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute. His research focuses on comparative planetology, with a focus on climate evolution on Earth-like planets and implications for habitability. He has also studied, written and lectured on the […]

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