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Earth Train to Geoversity: A 30-year Journey with a Mission

This is the first blog in a new blog series by Geoversity   The artist and the scientist share a gift in their abilities to discern in a single drop of water or in a passing moment the awesome complexity of life and matter. Recently, we met to plan the 30th anniversary of Geoversity (neé […]

The Anthropocene: what are we building?

The original version of this article was published on September 2, 2021, at the Centre for Science & Technology Innovations You cannot build a house for last year’s summer – Ethiopian proverb African knowledge, including scientific, is transmitted through contextual storytelling. The goal is to ensure knowledge remains fluid. While written knowledge transmission is easier […]

Building a Culture of Reverence: Insights from the Jungle to Deep Space

This is the fifth blog in a new blog series by Geoversity “…When we engage with a sense of reverence, something changes in the coming together—where we move from observer to participant. And we take with us a greater sense of the sacredness of creation and our place within it.”  Imagine if you were one […]

A Hero’s Journey into Panama’s Future of Biocultural Renewal

This is the fourth blog in a new blog series by Geoversity After twenty years of ecological restoration and educational work in Panama, we finally signed a formal agreement with a national government entity. When I shared news of this milestone with one of our former “biocultural leadership” interns she assumed it was with the […]

The Voyages of the Bamboo Ark: Celebrating 20/30 Years of Biocultural Renewal

This is the second blog in a new blog series by Geoversity   Geoversity’s first venture into the MAHB blogsphere began last fall with the story of our organization’s 30-year journey on a mission of youth empowerment for “biocultural leadership.” We recounted the odd twists that had us descend from the lofty and experimental, a […]