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Specialist Short Course: Protracted Crisis and the Triple Nexus, June 26–June 30 (in-person)
Important Information: TEDxPorto Countdown–Porto, June 6 and 7, 2023–Now Free Online Event
Peoples Pact for the UN Summit advances peace, nuclear abolition, and Earth Trusteeship
The Great Simplification #73- Joslin Faith Kehdy: “Lebanon – Beyond Resilience”
Big polluters’ share prices fall after climate lawsuits, study finds
‘We Were Gobsmacked’: Giant Study Reveals Why Moss Is Vital For The Planet
Why birds and their songs are good for our mental health
How Does Overpopulation Affect Sustainability? Challenges and Solutions
The Great Simplification #72 – Alex Gladstein: “Debt Colonialism, The Petrodollar, and Bitcoin”
How to plant the best garden for the climate
Intensive farming is biggest cause of bird decline in Europe, study says
The Great Transformation: Roadmaps to an Ecological Civilization–FREE Discussion Friday, May 26, at 1 pm PDT
A British perspective on population and biodiversity
Video: Richard J. Jackson MD MPH -Inaugural Lecture on Planetary Health and Stress