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Climate change novel

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      Tim Hicks

      Greetings all. I want to alert you to my recent novel “Last Stop Before Tomorrow” that addresses the dilemmas and paradoxes of climate change, placing our current situation in the long arc of human history and connecting our impact on the global climate system to our inquisitive and creative natures as well as our survival fears. Among the main characters, Prometheus and Pandora figure prominently. The book is available wherever you buy your books. I have extra copies and would be happy to send you a copy at a 50% discount. My interest is in the book being read. We write to be read.
      I will share only a few unsolicited reader comments:
      “Every sentence in the book is interesting.”
      “Tim Hicks has written one of the most remarkable novels I’ve ever read.”
      “To me the story is like a question – even a koan – an intensely irritating perplexity that either defeats the reader or drags (or launches) them into a transformational shift of some kind. Its tragedy and tempting shreds of possibility create a dynamic tension that calls out for resolution, a giant itch of realization that demands scratching.”
      “This is the kind of book that makes you think. That pushes the stale places in your brain and forces you to question them and challenge your viewpoint, and come away the better for it.”
      “I just finished your had to be written book. It has been a long time since I have felt compelled to mark sentences because they are so beautifully crafted. Some I greedily copied into my journal to be savored like pictures from my trip down the disappearing Amazon. “
      “This is truly an amazing book! It gets better and better as one turns the pages and moves to the exciting though unsettling ending.”
      “The beauty and fragility of human culture set in a beautiful and fragile natural world.”
      “Your writing style is beautiful, informative, robust, and exciting. It isn’t modern (or minimalist), which is probably why it is hard to sell. It is not “easy reading.” But if Umberto Echo can be popularized, your work should not find it too difficult.”
      “I am truly enjoying your book as one of my favorite reads in a long time. It’s fun, full of radiant characters, and so crowded with history, philosophy, and science, it makes me feel comforted in my time away from school and the questions of my heart.”
      “Your mind is a treasure. This novel is so stimulating. It isn’t easy, but it is worth every effort.”
      “I finished my first read of your novel last week; I want to read it again because there is so much to take in, and I want to read it more slowly.”
      “It took me a bit to get used to your run on sentence style (You probably noticed that I tend to keep my sentences pretty short), but after awhile I got so I didn’t want to put it down. Your internal dialogues were fascinating and I love your poetic use language – so it’s not just a story, it’s an experience.”
      “Tonight I finally blasted through to the very end. What an extraordinary tale, and told with such depth and passion, so elegantly crafted. I have to say that I feel bruised and aching in my bones, but I like the feel, I like to realize that there are people who have the ability to tell this story so beautifully, so gracefully, so poetically. I feel a more complete human as a result of having read it.”

      I recognize that the book is not for everyone, but some have been moved by it.

      If you’d like a copy from me, email me at

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