Ideas for Action

Can a Video Game Abate the Climate Crisis?

There are three billion video gamers worldwide. Most of them will download or stream a free game.
Empowering others with an immersive gaming experience that raises awareness about the most effective climate solutions on the planet and moves us from the Anthropocene to the Ecoscene promises to be transformative and fun. Watch a short demo of the Earth Island climate solutions game in development:
Check out Earth Island’s crowd-sourcing website.
If you don’t play video games, and think this doesn’t apply to you, ask your kids or grandkids what they think about it. Climate change will affect all of us. A game about solutions that will positively impact climate change will affect all of us as well.
Contact us directly if you have ideas that would speed development of this initiative.
Put us in touch with others who might be interested.
Get in the game. Time is of the essence.

Eric Thiermann Co-founder