Ideas for Action

The Rebirth of the Walkable Neighborhood killed by the car: College Heights

The Vision
A historic quarry, located in the Hayward foothills near Cal State East Bay, is the right place for this project: a walkable neighborhood. Hayward Area Planning Association (HAPA) proposes College Heights on the 29.6-acre site with creek habitat preservation, the Foothill Trail, 732 residential units in a walking area, a Village Center, and parking in a podium below the walking area. The Village Center that fosters community building would include a Village Square, Community Center, The Corner Store, The Café, e-bike parking, resident services, and Village Bus service to the University campus and downtown Hayward and BART.
We have six goals:
Affordability. Lower costs for housing, energy, and transportation.
Sustainability. Reduced greenhouse gases and pollution, less loss of farmland, habitat, resources, and water; advanced passive and active energy systems.
Mobility. Strong Transportation Demand Management supports greatly reduced car use with high mobility and living without car ownership.
Health and Safety. A cleaner, safer environment with more walking and recreational opportunities.
Good design. Attractive streetscapes and facades; a visually interesting architecture.
Community. The Homeowners Association has professional management and involves residents in governance and community activities while preserving privacy.
College Heights would have the look and feel of a traditional walkable neighborhood. The project pulls together proven but often isolated ideas into an integrated whole. College Heights would be a community, not just a housing project; it would be the walking neighborhood otherwise killed by the car.

“College Heights proposes that for the first time in Hayward’s history, people be given a chance to live without being forced to own a car, to save money, and to live more sustainably.”

Document: College-Heights-Report1.pdf