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PERIUM: A New Religion Devoted to the Living Planet.

The Perium Religion

Perium is a new religion devoted to people and planet that is bought to live through a belief and practice for Imperium vitae-planeta – the living planet.

Imperium is the name of the single, planet-sized life-form that is comprised of all the living things on Earth – the animals and plants, oceans and soil, and even the humans.

Perium Religion is uniquely suited to the challenges of the Anthropocene – the modern era in which the humans are the main drivers of change on this planet.

As a result, Perium is positioned to become a vital tool in efforts to prevent the extinction of the human race from climate change, loss of species, and other threats.

This bold new religion will help you deal with the inevitable challenges that lie ahead, and position you to be one of those who can help make it better.

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The Empire of Life Needs a Proper Name (How Perium was named),11943

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