Ideas for Action

Vote with Your Feet

One alternative to working to transform the current, now global, complex society into its opposite is for the few to vote with their feet to form pockets of sustainability to preserve information and recover enough functional behaviors to pass on to posterity. To manage human demands on Nature’s resources, move. Voluntary emigrants from industrial society pick an area having environmental resources (still), one per continent excluding Antarctica to begin with, and vote with their feet to become the majority within the area by buying it (most real estate), and redefine the rules of the game to select for a different outcome than business-as-usual. Voluntary movement, that selects for foresight intelligence, is alternative to continuing the purpose-driven consumer ‘life’ in service of industrial society. For example, in North America, perhaps pick the southern most county of coastal Oregon, Curry County, 1,988 mi² with a population of about 23 thousand, such that if 15 thousand refugees from industrial society, from anywhere on the planet (0.00016% of current population, or 0.0035% of Americans), were to move there (voluntarily of course), and those there now (who don’t like the newcomers) move elsewhere (voluntarily of course) to enjoy (for a time) the money the newcomers were willing to pay for their property, and those who decide to stay and fight, to drive out the newcomers (with extreme prejudice of course) are too few to succeed, then Curry County could become ‘ecolate’, managed per best-guess systems science principles that provide real solutions to the human predicament that all intentional emigrants (who don’t get to vote on what could work) would voluntarily agree to before voting with their feet. The county would be divided into three watershed management units (Chetco, Lower Rouge, Sixes) whose borders are not pretend lines and actually mean something in the biophysical world. If 0.65% of Americans decided to occupy the state of Oregon by voting with their feet as intentional eMigrants, a pocket of sustainability could be formed (as a federation of nearly 100 watershed management units) and 1.3% of North Americans could take the Pacific Northwest bioregion (some already live there) to perhaps preserve a functioning complex society and much of the information gathered in the past seven thousands years that relates to our endeavor to understand and learn to live properly on the planet by listening to Nature who has all the answers.

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