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Threading the Needle at COP27 – Which Turned out to Matter
The Great Simplification #47 – Patrick Ophuls: “Energy, Politics, and The Future”
The Great Simplification #46 – Vandana Shiva: “Agroecology and The Great Simplification”
The world votes for “climate hell”
Millionaires for Humanity: Marlene Engelhorn
Invitation: Two-Day Hybrid Conference (8-9 December)—A Just Transition #beyondgrowth?
Celebrating the Festive Season without Mindless Consumption
Save the Planet, Protect the Future, No Excuses for Inaction: Eight policy measures that governments should take.
The Great Simplification #45 – Jon Erickson: “Illusions, Power and the Political Economy”
Full Special Issue Available for Free – The Economics of Biodiversity: Afterword
A Letter to the Editorial Board of the Washington Post
The theoretical and political framing of the population factor in development
World Vasectomy Day – The 10th Anniversary
The Guardian view on Cop27: this is no time for apathy or complacency