Climate Policy Mired in Politics – Is there a Way Forward?

| March 3, 2019 | Leave a Comment

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Year of Publication: 2018

Author(s): Zero Net Fifty

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In this episode we discuss the reintroduced Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and insights from the Green New Deal resolution. What are the issues these policies face in relation to the timeline for making a difference on terms that matter for the climate?

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  • Arnold Byron

    The part that is missing from the discussion is the realization that nobody wants to make: global warming warming is a global problem that has to be solved at the global level, not at the national level. This means that the politics must global politics. In addition nobody seems to have enough self confidence to be able to say, “global warming is a consequence of overpopulation.” Which came first: the chicken or the egg. It cannot be denied that the need for using fossil fuel for our energy needs occurred because resources such as whale oil and wood were coming under stress.

    This can be remedied and the world can recover from its current state of overshoot but we must think on a global scale rather than nationally. The nations need to create a global office and give it the authority to solve the global warming, overpopulation, possible nuclear disaster and current plastics use scenario. As I say, this can be done, but nothing will happen if nobody talks about it. Please see .