Limits to Sustainability, Population, and the TEDx Experience

| December 2, 2021 | Leave a Comment

Human Predicament by Michele Guieu

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Author(s): João Abegão

A recent TEDx talk delves into our species’ reverence for economic and population growth, which is pushing us – and the natural world – outside our safe operating space. In ‘Limits to Sustainability’, João Abegão attempts to communicate the expanding footprint of our species by comparing it with transformations suffered by past complex societies.

For English subtitles access the video here. 

By João Abegão
Ph.D. Candidate, thesis on societal collapse, biophysical limits, and the preeminence of environmental determinism. Advocacy in Deep Ecology and Overpopulation, University of Lisbon, Faculty of Letters.

[Graphic: The Human Predicament by Michele Guieu]

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