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What the River Knows: Nisqually River, Washington State

This article was originally published by National Geographic’s Water Currents. The original can be found here. Birthed in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington from glacier melt on the southern slope of Mount Rainier, I flow seventy-eight miles into the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge and on into Puget Sound, a fast and galloping ride […]

Kigali Principles for Peacekeeping: Protecting civilians becoming a priority

The Kigali Principles On December 14th, the US Institute of Peace held an event with two impressive panels on Implementing the ‘Kigali Principles’ for Peacekeeping. How to Carry Out the New Best Practices for Protecting Civilians? The question mark on the end of this long but explanatory title was answered with two words.  Political Will.  Without […]

10 reasons to reconsider democracy –A non-comprehensive list

One phrase we often hear is “Don’t kill the messenger.” It is meant as a reminder that informer and information are not necessarily intimately related. In addition to asking you to keep this in mind, I also want to emphasize that the following consideration constitutes a crude oversimplification. Listing gives the impression of completeness. However, […]

Can We Save the World? Part II

This article is the second in a two-part series by Tormod V. Burkey. Part One: Can We Save the World? can be read here. In our busy and fragmented lives, things have a way of slipping. Ordinary people, politicians, organizations, international bodies, bureaucrats, we all kind of muddle along, trying to keep up with our […]

Solving Overshoot: End Overpopulation or Stop Overconsumption

The evidence is clear: the scale of the human enterprise has outgrown our planet. We need to scale back in order for the children of the world to have a chance to live decent lives. But what is it that we need to scale back? Do we need to dramatically contract our population, or drastically […]

Of Population and Pollution –A Global Warming Primer

One Man’s Thoughts on What We Need to Do to Prevent Human Extinction from Overpopulation and Global Warming In an effort to end overpopulation and solve the global warming dilemma, author Arnold J. Byron defines humanity’s severest situation in order to work backward from it—and find a solution that will revitalize our stressed planet into […]

The Ecological Aftermath of a Politically-Counterintuitive Situation

It is by no means the first time that a nation has narrowly voted to ensure that the world remain somehow inconceivably flat, ecologically speaking. History is replete with one mass delusion triggered by inner demons after another; of a variety of terrors unleashed on those who remain incredulous that there are so many stark […]

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Before the Flood’: A Review

This article was originally published November 2, 2016 by Rob Hopkins with the Transition Network. The original article is available here. The release of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new film ‘Before the Flood’, near the end of a US election in which climate change has gone all but unmentioned, is to be celebrated.  As is the fact that it […]

Paris Climate Change Agreement to Enter into Force!

With  over 55 parties covering more than 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions ratifying the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the Agreement is set to enter into force November 4th! The UNFCCC issued the following statement: Over 55 Parties covering More Than 55 per cent of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Ratify the Paris Climate Change Agreement […]

Bioethicist: The climate crisis calls for fewer children

This post was originally published by The Conversation on September 11, 2016. The original article is available here. Earlier this summer, I found myself in the middle of a lively debate because of my work on climate change and the ethics of having children. NPR correspondent Jennifer Ludden profiled some of my work in procreative […]

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