Rapid Response: Why let snow be a disaster

Kelman, Ilan

Giving real-time context to the headlines: The “Beast from the East” is one of the politer names […]

Grubby Grub

Kelman, Ilan

Grasshoppers, termites, locusts, weevils, and caterpillars. They can cause problems for crops. They can also support food […]

Chords of discontent? Sustainability via musical irony

Kelman, Ilan

Nearly thirty years elapsed between Madonna’s Material Girl and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Thrift Shop [explicit]. They […]

Economizing on Economics

Kelman, Ilan

Where does economics sit within sustainability? In many instances, it appears as a separate entity. The standard […]

Is it normal to return to normal?

Kelman, Ilan

After a disaster, we often hear about the need to bounce back, to return to normal, and […]

Transforming transformation

Kelman, Ilan

A transformation is haunting Europe. The transformation of a discourse. Sustainability research is being driven by a […]

Islands and Climate Change: Rhetoric and Reality

Kelman, Ilan

The media, and even scientific publications, continue to be packed with rhetoric that low-lying islands will sink, […]

Keep resilience language simple!

Kelman, Ilan

Many resilience academic paradigms use complex language, even though it is not needed. Here, I provide thoughts […]

The Squirrel Factor

Kelman, Ilan

On 21 October 2014, parts of Providence, Rhode Island experienced a blackout for two hours. Local media […]

“When is a drought a drought?”

Kelman, Ilan

Droughts are complicated, often more human-caused than precipitation-caused (Wilhite and Glantz, 1985). Nonetheless, precipitation and water certainly […]

Osmotic Energy

Kelman, Ilan

By Ilan Kelman, Senior Research Fellow, CICERO, Norway We are thirsty for more and more electricity. Rather […]

Review article on graphene in "Science".

We need more than graphene

Kelman, Ilan

By Ilan Kelman, Senior Research Fellow, CICERO, Norway At last, high-level political support for scientific research, backed […]

End Ecocide 2020

Eradicating Ecocide

Kelman, Ilan

By Ilan Kelman (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo (CICERO). This article has been edited from […]


Kelman, Ilan

By Ilan Kelman (Senior Research Fellow, CICERO, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo) Here we go again […]


To peak or not to peak?

Kelman, Ilan

By Ilan Kelman Claims have recently been circulating that peak oil is wrong. Apparently, new petroleum discoveries […]

Mosquito Island, British Virgin Islands

Mosquitoes and Lemurs: Branson’s Island Sustainability?

Kelman, Ilan

By Ilan Kelman Richard Branson owns a lot–including the private island of Mosquito Island within the British […]

Sustainable T-shirts?

Kelman, Ilan

By Ilan Kelman Recently, I saw a T-shirt that said “Au W Sn Ta”. I recognised what […]


Harnessing sporting energy

Kelman, Ilan

By Ilan Kelman People’s dedication to bizarre sporting customs is a rich yet relatively untapped source of […]