Dr. James A Singmaster III: For Those Concerned about Their Kids’ Futures

Dr. James A Singmaster III: For Those Concerned about Their Kids’ Futures

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      I send this statement as the oncoming CC/GW DISASTER can be prevented. Preventing disaster ought to be more important than preparing for it.  The CC/GW disaster can be prevented by MAKING THE SUN OUR SOLE ENERGY SOURCE.  Three action steps can be taken to do this.
       The first step is to make hydrogen our fuel for energy by splitting water using a catalyst and sun light. A very active catalyst has been reported in Sci. pg. 1321-4,(May have stated 1431 in previous e-mails) Dec. 7, 2012 so we are entering the HYDROGEN AGE.  Fossil fuel and N-power interests are not going to happy about that!!!!!!!!
        But we have a problem with too much CO2 in the biosphere keeping CC/GW going.  So the second step is to revive the CCC program of Roosevelt to get many more trees planted to recover much spoiled land as well as to speed up the trapping of some of the CO2 overload in the biosphere.  The dead and dying trees that need to be removed can provide the chemicals that we need for making plastics, detergents, etc. by using pyrolysis on them.  Pyrolysis will expel a light fuel oil mix that can be refined and leave charcoal.  Charcoal made this way can be used to smelt iron ore instead of soft coal that makes mining messes and is the main source of rising mercury pollution from using it to smelt iron ore.  
        The third step is to make our biowastes including separated sewage solids into our sustainability resource; again by using pyrolysis on them.  We waste hugh amounts of money and energy especially with sewage in our present mishandling of biowastes.  Does it make any sense to be running sewage plants to be degrading sewage sending trapped energy and CO2 back into our biosphere????????? Separated sewage solids and all our biowastes can be pyrolyzed, and  that will give an added big benefit in destroying germs, toxics and drugs so that they can not escape to pollute as happens with dumps.  It is amazing that the action by EPA several years ago of setting limits on some synthetic female birth-control hormones showing up in some drinking water systems has not caused any reactions calling for steps to remove the hormones.  The charcoal gotten from pyrolysis of biowastes can be used as a soil amendment as it will have some needed plant nutrients.
       Those are the steps that we can take to MAKE THE SUN OUR SOLE ENERGY SOURCE TO GIVE OUR KIDS’ FUTURES FREE OF CC/GW!!!!!!!!!  Any comments, pro or con, will be appreciated.  

      James A. Singmaster, III, Ph.D., UCDavis, 1976, Environmental Chemist, Ret., Fremont, CA

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