"How to save the world … fast and easy"

"How to save the world … fast and easy"

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      Jim Rough

      Paul Ehrlich writes in his paper, Can Western Civilization avoid collapse?… “Serious global environmental problems can only be solved and a collapse avoided with an unprecedented level of international cooperation.” … and … “Rather than tinkering around the edges and making feeble or empty gestures towards one or another of the interdependent problems we face, we need a powerful and comprehensive approach.”
      At the Center for Wise Democracy we have developed “The Wisdom Council,” which meets these criteria and more. It is scalable to the global level and has the potential to facilitate a global shift of consciousness around the environmental crisis and thoughtful changes to the existing systems of economics and politics. Here’s a way the people can come together as “We the People,” face this seemingly impossible issue, create a coordinated thoughtful strategy and get it implemented.  The Wisdom Council is new but already proving itself to work at city, state and the national level in Austria. See http://www.wisedemocracy.org/page11/page18/page37/styled-8/transforming_society.html  

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      Ezra Niesen

      I liked this video.  This seems like a good plan for how to turn public sentiment into non-partisan solutions to problems.  

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      Sean Rooney

      Any time I see the words “fast and easy,” my impulse is to turn and run.  Nothing is ever “fast and easy,” is it?  No.
      Nevertheless, it’s good to see people taking on the challenge and working hard to make some progress toward solutions.  Eventually, the power of the corporate world will have to be challenged and brought to heel, a tall order since it’s doubtful it’ll go down easy and has the resorces to fight a long arduous battle.
      I certaibly wish you well in this endeavour and hope to see updates here from time-to-time.

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