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Join the scientist letter on biodiversity conservation funding

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      Jennie Miller

      Dear colleagues,

      I invite you to join as a scientist signatory on a soon-to-be published letter coauthored by myself and other experts about the need for our leaders to fully fund biodiversity conservation policies and programs. You can read and sign the letter at

      The data are clear and consistent: Our leaders must invest today to protect biodiversity for the future. Yet conservation is underfunded, and government funding for threatened and endangered species has a long history of severe underfunding.

      Join me, the co-authors, and the scientist community at large in our call for the U.S. to fully fund conservation policies and programs that prioritize our most threatened and endangered species. We invite you to endorse the letter “Solve the biodiversity crisis with funding,” accepted for publication in September in a prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal (to be announced at time of publication).

      Visit our website to read the letter and add your name as a signatory. If you sign, your name and affiliation will be included in the list of scientist signatories in the online supplemental material of the published letter. The call to endorse the letter is open to all scientists from any field (e.g., ecology, medicine, economics, etc.).

      We also ask for your help in sharing this email with your scientist colleagues and students. We hope you will post the call on social media by including and the hashtags #ScientistsCallToAction and #FundConservation. Below we provide suggested text and photos to use in social media.

      Thank you for your consideration. Your involvement will help convey a strong, unified message from scientists to policy decision-leaders about the need to significantly boost funding for conserving biodiversity.

      Thank you,
      Jennie Miller, PhD
      Senior Scientist, Defenders of Wildlife

      Social media toolkit

      Photos to use with posts are available here


      Scientists – join me in signing the scientist letter calling for our leaders to fully fund #biodiversity #conservation! Endorse the letter at! #ScientistsCalltoAction #FundConservation

      Scientists: put your name where the data are! Endorse the soon-to-be-published scientist letter calling for our leaders to fully fund #biodiversity #conservation like the #EndangeredSpeciesAct! Sign at! #ScientistsCallToAction #FundConservation

      Scientists! We need your voice to call on policy leaders to fully fund #biodiversity #conservation! Join me in endorsing the soon-to-be-published scientist letter at! #ScientistsCallToAction #FundConservation

      More than 1 million species are at risk, yet new regulations are gutting the #EndangeredSpeciesAct. Scientists, it’s time we call for our leaders to fund #biodiversity! Sign the scientist letter at #ScientistsCallToAction #FundConservation #FundtheESA

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