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      Please use this space to discuss the MAHB Blog post Ocean Power Plants written by Katherina Petrou.  Follow the link below to read the full post:

      Ocean Power Plants

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      On behalf of Fernando Baquero:

      What do we know about phytoplankton and the survival in water of potentially human or animal bacteria? I am very interested in decreasing environmental (water bodies) decontamination by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

      -Fernando Baquero

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      On behalf of Max Kummerow:

      So how vulnerable are phytoplankton to changing conditions? What would cause a collapse? This might be hard to say because of predator prey relationships that might become unstable, or changes in species composition (community structure), but surely somebody has tested to see how changing pH and temperature affect growth? Up to a point more C02 should increase productivity?

      – Max Kummerow

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