Overpopulation Still Uncomfortable Topic – Must Discuss

Overpopulation Still Uncomfortable Topic – Must Discuss

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      Dave Gardner

      The newest episode of The Overpopulation Podcast explores recent examples of why and how media and other organizations continue to avoid the topic of human overpopulation. We also take a first look at a spate of op-eds published in several countries as part of publicity for the new book, Empty World, that suggests the UN’s medium variant population scenario (11.2 billion in 2100) is way off. The book’s authors think world population will peak mid-century at fewer than 9 billion. This would be good news, but we take exception to how the authors think we ought to respond to this possibility. Find the podcast on your podcast app, or on the World Population Balance website here.

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      MAHB Admin

      Thank you Dave for sharing this resource! In honor of World Population Day on the 11th we’re hoping MAHB members will share their ideas on how we can stabilize or decrease the population. See our recent conversation on the forum to share your thoughts with us!

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      Steven Earl Salmony

      The best available science regarding the human population and its patently unsustainable growth ‘trajectory’ need to be widely shared, consensually validated and acted upon wisely. Willfully ignoring ecological science of human population dynamics that makes crystal clear to all that the UN mantra “food production must be increased annually to meet the needs of a growing population,” is part and parcel of a widely shared and consensually validated fool’s errand. If ever the human community is sensibly and meaningfully able to restrain the bacteria-like growth of absolute global human population numbers (recall that human population dynamics is essentially similar to the population dynamics of other species), limiting increases only in total food production for human consumption must be a part of any program of action. We know superabundant harvests can be simultaneously redistributed more fairly and equitably so as to assure substantial baseline subsistence to people everywhere on the planet. Such a program of action will lead naturally to population stabilization initially and population reduction in the long term, all the while curtailing human starvation.

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