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      Dennis Baker

      In my opinion We need to replace the fossil fuel power plants, the primary source of GHG. Now! At a scale required to accomplish this task : Ethanol starves people : not a viable option. Fracking releases methane : not a viable option. Cellulose Bio Fuel Uses Food Land : not a viable option Solar uses food land : Not a viable option Wind is Intermittent : Not a viable option All Human and Agricultural Organic Waste can be converted to hydrogen, through exposure intense radiation! The Radioactive Materials exist now, and the Organic waste is renewable daily. Ending the practice of dumping sewage into our water sources. Air, Water, Food and Energy issues, receive significant positive impacts . Reducing illness / health care costs as well ! Dennis Baker Penticton BC V2A1P9 cell phone 250-462-3796 Phone / Fax 250 462 0033

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      Sean Rooney

      Most solar plants are located in desert terrain that’s not viable farming or ranching land.
      Agricultural pursuits often occur in conjunction with windfarms; as well, many windfarms are being located off shore.
      Geothermal powerplants require relatively small plots of land.
      Tidal power can be harnessed with no impacts on argiculture.
      You link doesn’t work.  From what I know of Ms. Baker she’s a Charter of Rights and political activist.  See at:
      It should probably occur to all of us that if we are to kick our fossil fuel habit we’ll have to use every viable source of green energy we can concoct, including a bit of fast reactor nuclear.
      But first, we have to get our governents off the dime and start seriously engaging the emissions problem.  This appears quite unlikely to occur any time soon in Canada, which persists in pushing tar sands oil nor in the US, where the Congress is utterly gridlocked by  a Republocan party that won’t support Obama on anything, let along a climate change initiative.
      James Hanson, America’s leading climate scientist (who recently retired from NASA Goddard) has proposed a fossil fuel “fee-and-dividend” approach, and 2. 100% of a continually rising carbon fee, collected from fossil fuel companies at the domestic mine or port-of-entry, distributed uniformly to all legal residents (electronically to bank accounts). 60% of people would receive more in the dividend than they pay in increased prices, but to get or stay on the positive side of the ledger they must pay attention to their fossil fuel use.  
      Hanson says that economic modeling shows that our fossil fuel use would decrease 30% after 10 years. A rising carbon fee provides a viable international approach to reduce global emissions, the basic requirement being a bilateral agreement between the U.S. and China. A border duty on products from nations without an equivalent carbon fee or tax would provide a strong incentive for other nations to join.
      This sound like an excellent plan to me, but again, until our political leaders get off the dime and decide to take action, it won’t go anywhere.
      Technically, solving our emissions problem is not rocket science, but it a an enormous political problem, with huge economic forces driving it.  In the end, governments may hae to nationalize the fossil fuel industry to get emissions under control.

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      Dennis Baker

      Sean Rooney  from Mr. Dennis Earl Baker
      wow yo sure put inactivity Purrdy! Pass the jug over hear.
      Simply put you say solar does not use food land (bullshit)!
      with all the solar panels up and running to date , they have yet to replace one fossil fuel powered electrical generating facility. That is the emissions problem that as you corroborated needs addressing  
      You also negatively  suggest I may be a charter of rights activist, like that some bearing on the topic at hand, which it does not.

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      Dennis Baker

      I had hoped for better from you all

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      Donald Round

      Ms. Baker, your entries suggest little attention to what you write. If this is not the case please get back to me with a relevant well-written source of information on the response to global warning and resource depletion you endorse. 
      Don Round, PhD

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      Nice information for the solution to climate change

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      Dennis Baker

      Dear Donald Round 
      “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein quotes
      perhaps you can specify what you don’t understand and I will clarify it for you!
      Big Picture Overview Green Economy Coalition 

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      Dennis Baker

      This technology does not require cooling ponds 
      therefore a 
      can not happen

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