The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere:
Responding to the human predicament.
Reducing the threat of a shattering collapse of civilization.


On the Need for an Earth Standard Currency

Julian Cribb

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Plastic Has A Big Carbon Footprint — But That Isn’t The Whole Story

Plastic waste gets a lot of attention when photos of dead whales with stomachs full of plastic […]

A burning earth

Death of Mother Earth

J A Livingston

Mother Earth cries in pain, what do my children, have to gain? The Great Creator shakes his […]

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Plastic pollution in our oceans

When a person tosses carelessly a plastic bottle into the sea, or someone with improper waste management  […]


Conflict, Culture, Technology and Democracy Webinar

Ashok Panikkar

The Demo Sapiens Webinar is designed to help participants place the current global crisis of democracy within the larger […]

Countries and regions by population density

Check out the World Population Clock

Worldometers is an incredible site which tracks many metrics, including this World Population Clock with many dimensions […]

Ísafjörður coast

Nature, Citizenship and Democracy as Co-emergent: The Time is Now

Jan Stanley

Each time I leave Ísafjörður for Reykjavík and then my home in Arizona, I gaze across a […]

Reflecting on Population Issues

World Population Day – July 11, 2019

Sure, you might know that there are more than 7 billion people on earth right now, but […]

The climate march in DC, 2017

Free-market solutions to climate change aren’t ‘realistic’

Carla Santos Skandier

This article was originally published by Common Dreams and republished by The Next System Project. Last month’s […]


Thursday July 11: Join the World Population Day Protest

Join Having Kids, Population Matters, and OneProtest on World Population Day! Having Kids is partnering with Population […]


How to address the world population crisis

This article was originally published in the LA Times. Republished here with the authors’ permission.  Spending money […]

Child with mother

Ten things that you may not know about population

Articles about population in the media typically are riddled with misconceptions and tiptoe around taboos. Moving past […]

Children on a beach

United Nations: World Population Prospects 2019 Highlights

Within little more than a decade there are likely to be around 8.5 billion people on earth, […]


Green New Deal Must Transform Our Food System to Save Our Climate

In the face of worsening climate chaos and massive economic inequities wreaking havoc on the nation, a […]

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Australia is experiencing catastrophic environmental crises

Sue Arnold

Australia is experiencing catastrophic politically driven environmental crises. Extreme right wing governments, dominated by coal devotees, climate […]


No System of Government Designed by Human Beings Can Survive What the Climate Crisis Will Bring

It is a long held belief here in the shebeen that, thanks to those clever Chinese climate […]

Climate activists

Four Millennials who are Leading the Charge for a Greener Earth

Harper Reid

For the last few decades, scientists have been warning with rising urgency about the state of the […]


A Green New Deal Must Not Be Tied to Economic Growth

Svgsilh   Robert Pollin has for years now proposed his simplified version of a Green New Deal — an […]

Marine litter. Anthropocene layer of plastic.

Why the “Anthropocene” Is Not “Climate Change” and Why It Matters

“Anthropocene” is a widely proposed name for the geological epoch that covers human impact on our planet. […]

Figure 1. Rainforest in the Congo Basin being destroyed for a Chinese-funded road construction project (photo by William Laurance).

Press Release: Roads and Deforestation Explode in the Congo Basin

Embargoed to 0100 AEST, Tuesday, June 25, 2019/1600 June 24 BST (UK)  Logging roads are expanding dramatically […]

Abstract lines head woman, backgrounds textures.

The perils of short-termism: Civilization’s greatest threat

For many of us currently in adulthood, how often can we truly say we are thinking about […]

San Antonio joins Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts | US Air Force 

A baby born today: The climate and their future

A new report depicts an ever-depleting natural world, with huge implications for the coming generation. What will […]

Ivanpah Power Facility

What Happens When Communities Say No to Solar and Wind?

Joel Strongberg

This article was originally published by Joel Strongberg in his blog Civil Notion. I had coffee with […]

Roundup Bottles

Is Roundup Killing More than just Weeds?

Bridget Doherty

  Roundup weed killer is an effective herbicide that is used in more than 130 countries worldwide, […]

Mandy Coppes-Martin Tragedy of the Commons 2016 Madagascan Silk, meranti wood and paper thread. 140x100x100 cm.  Learn more about Mandy Coppes-Martin's work here

The UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm 1972 and the Interrelations between Intergovernmental Discourse Framing and Activist Influence

The UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm 1972 and the Interrelations between Intergovernmental Discourse Framing […]

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