Events and announcements from the MAHB

A Climate Change with Matt Matern: Paul R. Ehrlich, Stanford Professor Emeritus, Author & President, Center for Conservation Biology
Speciesism, like racism, imperils humanity and the planet
New Book by Paul Ehrlich – Life: A Journey Through Science and Politics
CBS Documentary: Scientists say planet in midst of sixth mass extinction, Earth’s wildlife running out of places to live
The Collapse of Insects
Fusion Breakthroughs in Context: Professors Holdren and Bunn Reflect on Fusion Ignition Announcement
New Book: The Vegan Evolution Transforming Diets and Agriculture
A Primer on Economic Growth and Biodiversity Conservation for COP15
Celebrating the Festive Season without Mindless Consumption
Invitation: Two-Day Hybrid Conference (8-9 December)—A Just Transition #beyondgrowth?
Full Special Issue Available for Free – The Economics of Biodiversity: Afterword
A Letter to the Editorial Board of the Washington Post
World Vasectomy Day – The 10th Anniversary
November 14: Global Population hits 8 Billion
MEDIA ALERT – Experts Available for Interviews: COP27, Global Population hits 8 Billion
CNN Call to Earth Day on November 3, 2022 – and help protect our oceans
Recording available: Stan Cox webinar on Rationing and the Polycrisis, October 21