The MAHB Website’s New Look: More than just appearances

Gavenus, Erika | November 25, 2014 | Leave a Comment

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The MAHB is very excited to announce that our website has a new face!  We look forward to sharing these changes with you, welcoming your feedback, and exploring how they can help the website to better support the MAHB’s mission to:

Foster, fuel and inspire a global dialogue on the interconnectedness of activities causing environmental degradation and social inequity and the threat of collapse;

Create and implement strategies for shifting human cultures and institutions towards sustainable practices and an equitable and satisfying future.

The new site design furthers this mission by improving the MAHB’s ability to facilitate connections. Connections among MAHB Associates and Nodes. Connections to relevant news, events and resources. Connections to the growing social movement.

Here are a few of the things that we are most excited to share with you:

Our new frontpage!frontpage

We can now share more publications, events, commentaries, news stories, and members’ activities in a high-profile way right on the frontpage!  Posts are displayed directly on the frontpage as tiles with images and short excerpts, allowing you to easily scan relevant news and stay up to date.  If you are interested in a particular type of post, such as additions to the MAHB Blog, simply use the dropdown menu titled [Categories] to filter which posts are displayed.

New ways to follow and connect with other MAHB Members!

With the new site we wanted to build our capacity to share the amazing work current MAHB Members, both Associates (individuals) and Nodes (groups), are doing.  We also wanted the site to facilitate collaboration among MAHB Members so that Nodes and Associates can work together to identify and carry out joint initiatives.  The new site achieves these aims in a few ways.

The recent activities of both Nodes and Associates can be tracked through the MAHB Member Activity page. You can make additions directly to the Activity page if you have something to share with the MAHB Community.

Through the category of Nodal Activities recent activities of MAHB Nodes can be shared on our frontpage.  As Nodes have reports, events, or other announcements to share, you will be able to find them through this category. Nodes will also be featured in the site’s footer as a way to introduce you to the diverse groups that are part of the MAHB Community.  The full list of MAHB Nodes is available on the Nodes page.

node profile
The Center for Biological Diversity’s Node Profile

Clicking on any of the Nodes in the footer or full list will take you to the Node’s profile page.  On the Node’s profile page you can read more about the Node, catch up on its recent activities, or take part in its forum discussion.

If you are logged-in to your MAHB account, you can also “Join” the Node. When you “Join” a MAHB Node you are expressing a shared interest in the Node’s work and the issues it is addressing.  “Joining” the Node does not link to official membership in the group, it just makes you someone wanting to know more about their work and possibly interested in collaborating.

Finally, if you want to communicate directly with another MAHB Associate, you can send them a message through the MAHB Network.  Simply use the Associates page to navigate to their personal profile where you will find the options to send a private or public message.

All of these updates are intended to improve communication among MAHB Members and facilitate the sharing of knowledge across disciplines, locations, and sectors.

Overall, we look forward to the new design better serving the MAHB Community in its efforts to bring about a shift towards sustainable practices and an equitable and satisfying future

We are eager to hear your feedback about the new site and ways to further improve how the site serves the MAHB Community.  Please contact with any questions, feedback, or resources you would like to share on the site.

The redesign would not have been possible without the technical skills and clear vision of the amazing web design and development team at Computer Courage.  We are so thankful for their continuing support and guidance.

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