Our New World

What can you do to move the dial? Join us for pioneering ideas, intimate conversations, and solutions-focused thinking about the most significant topics of our generation. In a time saturated with information but not as many solutions, listen to advice from great minds and thought leaders about what we can do to save our planet.

Why Bother? A Summary of Season 1 – With Max Winpenny
Vegan Fashion: What Are You Wearing – with Annick Ireland
Climate Action: Because You’re Worth It – With Danielle Azoulay of L’OrĂ©al
6 Ways to Save Our World- Part 2 with Phoebe Barnard
6 Ways to Save our World with Phoebe Barnard
Reclaiming Our Clothes with Orsola De Castro
Oppression of Women and Oppression of Mother Earth with Riane Eisler
Jungle Underground with Diana Wall
Green Entrepreneurship with Paola and Madeleine
Overpopulation with Alexandra Paul
Social Revolution with Ashley Colby
Environmental Leadership with Patricia Zurita