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Sustainability Themes in Fiction Writing: Reaching a wider audience

Guy Lane

The purpose of Australian novelist Guy Lane’s fiction writing is to help normalize the conversation about sustainability. […]

The Madness Of Humanity Part 2: Planetary Predation

In the second in a series of essays concerning our collective future, Marcelo Gleiser reflects on Earth […]

Urgently Needed: Experienced and Creative UI Designer for New Activism App

The new FightBackWisely app is urgently in need of a UI Designer and a coder, who can […]

How Do We Experience Wilderness? The Extraordinary versus Intensity

Elisabetta Corrà

How do we experience wilderness? Axel Honneth suggested that love is a foundation for discussing how good […]

Deep Eco-Psychology, Non-Violent Activism, and Science

Marc Bekoff, Michael Charles Tobias

A new book by Dancing Star Foundation President Michael Charles Tobias calls for a renaissance of virtue. […]

MAHB Site Roundup!

Many new and exciting resources have been added to the MAHB site, please find some of the […]

Leverage points for sustainability transformation

Is sustainability science engaging with the root causes of unsustainability? Are there areas of intervention we are […]

Is it normal to return to normal?

Ilan Kelman

After a disaster, we often hear about the need to bounce back, to return to normal, and […]

Unsuccessfully Seeking Solutions in the Public Sphere

Carel Brest van Kempen

We Americans are good at a lot of things, but there’s nothing we’re better at than selling […]

Webinar: Food After Fossil Fuels

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 12:30 PM (PST) The transition to 100% renewable energy raises some profound questions […]

Kitchen Table Conversations

The initiative, Inspiring Transition works to promote mainstream commitment to transitioning to a life-sustaining society. They do this by communicating […]

America’s forests: Ravaged woodlands

Stricken trees provide clues about how America will adapt to global warming—but little hope that it can […]

The Climate Change Challenge and Barriers to the Exercise of Foresight Intelligence

The recently published article from MAHB members in BioScience takes a critical look at why it has […]

In Response: The Climate Change Challenge and Barriers to the Exercise of Foresight Intelligence

Doug Carmichael provides additional thoughts in response to the recently published article The Climate Change Challenge and Barriers […]

Population, Resources, and the Faith-Based Economy: the Situation in 2016

How has the population-resource-environment situation changed since the publishing of The Population Bomb in 1968? Paul and Anne […]

Demystifying Science through Games: Embracing the creativity and fun of STEM fields

Ariel Marcy, Erika Gavenus

When you think of children’s card games, evolutionary biology likely does not come to mind. Fulbright Scholar […]

Bioneers Youth Solutionaries: Future Present | De’Anthony Jones, Chloe Maxmin and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Youth movements are rising to restore people and planet. De’Anthony Jones, a former President of the Environmental […]

Sacred Groves and Green Corridors

Erika Gavenus, Stella Joy, Tara Joy

Active Remedy Ltd. is a UK-based non-profit focused upon uniting people around the world in working together […]

Arctic Awakening

Cory Trépanier

Gripping the gunnel, I wiped the salt water spray from my eyes as a massive iceberg came […]

Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and Climate Change: What are the links?

Kathryn Lloyd, Population and Sustainability Network

Last month saw over 2,000 organisations from over 150 countries across the globe come together in Copenhagen […]

The Open Mind: The Climate… In Your Backyard

James Hansen of Columbia University’s Earth Institute talks about preserving the planet for the next generation with […]

MAHB Site Roundup | June 18th-24th

Many new and exciting resources have been added to the MAHB site, please find some of the […]

Aspirational science

Joern Fischer with Leuphana University Lueneburg argues that scientists not only need to search for better answers, […]

Wildlife Art as a Rallying Cry in a Time of Mass Extinction

Todd Wilkinson

Allow me to vent a serious frustration:  For as much as they like to tout the importance […]

Socially constructed silence? Protecting policymakers from the unthinkable.

Paul Hoggett, Rosemary Randall

This article was originally published by Transformation, a Section of the independent global media platform openDemocracy that […]

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