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Spreading the word through Eco Art

Bhavna Karki

With time, change is inevitable. Our earth has undergone changes since the time of its formation through […]

An Open Letter Regarding Climate Change From Concerned Members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

On September 20, 2016, 375 members of the National Academy of Sciences, including 30 Nobel laureates, published […]

Can humanity survive the 21st century?

Julian Cribb

Humans are facing the greatest test in the million-year ascent of our kind. But this isn’t a […]

EcoChallenge 2016 is fast approaching! October 14-28th

Each year the Northwest Earth Institute holds its EcoChallenge. NWEI challenges you to choose 1 action to reduce […]

Join Climate Interactive for World Climate Week: October 9-16

From 9 to 16 October, people from all over the world will come together for World Climate Week to […]

Art in Advocacy: Environmental impact and recovery

Cathy Ferrell

I have been a sculptor my whole life and have used it to share an intense love […]

Nationalize Money, Not Banks

Herman Daly calls for money, which he identifies as a public utility, to be backed by 100% […]

Why the [U.S.] EPA Doesn’t Regulate Ocean Acidification

Robinson Meyer reports on the Center for Biological Diversity‘s recent suit of the US federal government: The […]

Ahimsa (Nonviolence): the Life Force of Jainism

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

Often when struggling with the daunting and discouraging environmental issues confronting humanity, I reflect on the strategy of the Jains […]

Webcams on Wildlife

Terry J. Woodall

For nature artists, the doors opened by up-to-date and futuristic technology are many. Options for wildlife observations […]

Lecture with Kevin Anderson – incoming Zennström Visiting Professor in Climate Change Leadership at Uppsala University

On the occasion of his arrival to Uppsala, incoming Zenström Visiting Professor Kevin Anderson held the 2nd […]

Putting Equity at the Center of the Fight to Protect the Climate: Five practical lessons

Elizabeth Sawin

Collaborating across disciplines and sectors holds great potential for moving forward with climate solutions. But how can […]

Breakthrough as US and China agree to ratify Paris climate deal

Campaigners hail key moment in battle against global warming as presidents Obama and Xi announce deal on […]

Intervene What Will It Take To Substantially Adjust the Trajectory of Human Civilization?

Guy Lane

Australian novelist Guy Lane previously introduced how he embeds sustainability themes in fiction writing using the example […]

Jain Festivals of Self Purification: Paryushan & Das-Lakshan

Sulekh C. Jain

Often when struggling with the daunting and discouraging environmental issues confronting humanity, I reflect on the strategy of the Jains […]

Syria: Another Pipeline War

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. provides a detailed history of US involvement in the Middle East, how oil […]

MAHB Site Roundup!

Many new and exciting resources have been added to the MAHB site, please find some of the […]

Taking a Stand at Standing Rock

David Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, writes from the historical gathering of Native […]

Democracy Now | Climate Study: By 2085 All U.S. Cities Except San Francisco Will Be Too Hot to Host Summer Olympics

How will projected changes in climate affect our ability to safely work outside? UC Berkeley Professor of […]

Galapagos, Forty Days and Forty Nights –An Artist’s Sojourn

Kelly Dodge

Seemingly oblivious to my presence, a rather large female sea lion lifted her head momentarily to eye […]

Awe, Despair, and the Annihilation of Nature: A review of The Annihilation of Nature by Liam Heneghan

Liam Heneghan reflects on The Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals by Gerardo Ceballos, […]

Chords of discontent? Sustainability via musical irony

Ilan Kelman

Nearly thirty years elapsed between Madonna’s Material Girl and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Thrift Shop [explicit]. They […]

The climate crisis is already here – but no one’s telling us

The media largely relegate the greatest challenge facing humanity to footnotes as industry and politicians hurtle us […]

The Threads That Blind Us

Mandy Coppes-Martin 

I am interested in exploring the contradictions, paradoxes and the fragility of our relationship with the natural […]

Time Only

“Time is money is a saying. What if this were really so? If we could really pay […]

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