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Harvest of Fire 

Joan Hamilton

A journalist spends two years documenting the dramatic changes that the Morgan Fire brought to Mount Diablo. […]

COP 21 Paris: The End of the Beginning

Tom Athanasiou

Will Paris be a success or a failure? It will be both. The real question is whether […]

Biocultural Diversity: Threatened species, endangered languages

Biodiversity and cultural diversity face many similar challenges throughout the world. Considering how they relate to each […]

Killing the Koala and Poisoning the Prairie: Australia, America, and the Environment

Hot off the press! “Though separated by thousands of miles, the United States and Australia have much […]

The Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals

Hot off the press! “This book shows us the face of Earth’s sixth great mass extinction, revealing […]

 “Woods and Trees”

Carina Hirsch, David Johnson

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and proposed indicators The recently adopted […]

Nov 29th | People’s Climate March 2015

  On November 29th we have the best moment of the decade to pressure our leaders to avoid […]

Global Ocean Refuge System

The Marine Conservation Institute is pushing to establish strong protection for at least 20% of every marine habitat […]

Weekly Roundup November 7th-13th

Check out some of the recent additions to the MAHB site: “Is the US climate action plan […]

Nature Doesn’t Negotiate: Robert Jensen on Conversation Earth

Dave Gardner, moderator of the MAHB Media Messaging Node, talks with journalism professor Robert Jensen on the weekly radio series […]

Capitan America: A close and careful look at the US INDC action plan

Chandra Bhushan, Sunita Narain

The Centre for Science and Environment India recently released the report, Capitan America in which we take a […]

Changing Tack, An Ecological Account of My Life

Changing Tack is an inspirational account of one man’s quest to understand ecology and use it to […]

World Vasectomy Day, Get Whacked for Wildlife

On November 13th vasectomy providers all over the world share their expertise while inspiring men to engage in the most […]

Weekly Roundup October 29th-November 6th

The MAHB Community has been very active this week! Please find below some of the recent additions […]

Ecological Challenges in a Global Context

Dancing Star Foundation President Michael Charles Tobias’ Keynote Address at the Plenary Session of the 4th International […]

Anthropocene Risks: Social scientists need to step up to the challenge

Global risks are recognized as being complexly interconnected, yet the scientific approaches used to study them, and consequently […]

Lock the gate… Keep the bad guys out!

Graham H. Pyke

What could be a more appealing concept? The idea behind the recent ‘Lock The Gate’ Movement in […]

Climate Science and Public Policy: From  (pre) 1965 to (post) 2015

On the 50th anniversary of the first official report to a U.S. President on the dangers of […]

Weekly Roundup October 18th-30th

This week on the MAHB site: The MAHB October 2015 Newsletter is out! This issue focuses on […]

Conversation Earth Weekly Radio Series

Dave Gardner, moderator of the MAHB Media Messaging Node, kicks off Conversation Earth a weekly radio series of insightful conversations […]

Climate Dynamics: Facing the Harsh Realities of Now

Climate Sensitivity, Target Temperature & the Carbon Budget: Guidelines for Strategic Action “By how much does the […]

Safeguarding the Global Water Cycle and Climate

In consideration of the global fresh water crisis and the absolute necessity to address human induced climate […]

Beyond the Big Five

Anne H. Ehrlich, Paul R. Ehrlich

For first-time visitors to Africa, the must-see fauna there usually is what hunters used to call the […]

Weekly Roundup October 17th-23rd

Updates from the MAHB website for the past week: Fresh off the press, two new books Killing […]

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