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Individual Theoretics

Morrison, Jane Gray, Tobias, Michael Charles

The purveyor of biospheric calamities and human notions of hope at once confronts a dizzying chasm: the […]

Why our obsession with GDP ignores harm done to welfare and the world

Tziamalis, Alexander

One of the first things economics students learn about is Gross Domestic Product (GDP). GDP is also […]

Cheetah Conservation Fund joins the Population & Sustainability Network

Population and Sustainability Network

The Cheetah Conservation Fund has become the latest conservation NGO to join the Population & Sustainability Network. […]

Unnatural Disaster: A (Wild)Fire-Side Story

Adams, Andrea

I am an ecologist and conservation biologist. My work with conservation challenges in California and across western […]

The “Game” Has Changed: Energy, Money and Technology From the Lens of the Superorganism

Hagens, Nate

Imagine some unrecognizable pieces laid out on a checkerboard. If they were deemed to represent chessmen, then […]

A Proposal for a United Nations Framework Convention on Population Growth

Harding, Rob

Introduction Recently, an international assembly of scientists from 184 countries endorsed an article published in the journal Bioscience entitled […]

Fatal Errors of Humanity

Yuji Ishiguro outlines two options for the path of humanity, only one of which promotes a peaceful […]

The Theoretical Individual

Imagination, Ethics and the Future of Humanity From the publisher: How can the one influence the many? […]

The Green Republic of China

Aydurmus, Didem

Have you heard about China’s latest crackdown on pollution? Forbes writes, it is “estimated that 40 percent […]

Climate mitigation policy as a system solution: addressing the risk cost of carbon

How can climate finance could be most effectively mobilized in response to the goal of limiting global […]

A degree by degree explanation of what will happen when the earth warms

What are the implications of a warming world? What does an average global increase by two degrees […]

The importance of human reproductive health and rights for cheetah conservation

The Cheetah Conservation Fund joins the Population & Sustainability Network and Margaret Pyke Trust to share why […]

Transitioning to Renewables: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Solar Energy

Smith, W. Douglas

This article was originally published by Planet Experts. It can be found here. More articles from Planet Experts can […]

Controlling Harmful Substances: Disposing of Asbestos the Right Way

Anderson, Virgil

Nearly 2 million people in 2016 alone were diagnosed with one form of cancer, reports the National […]

Post-fire mudslide problems aren’t new and likely to get worse

MacDonald, Lee

Several weeks after a series of wildfires blackened nearly 500 square miles in Southern California, a large […]

Launch event for Santa Clara-based grassroots organization Catalyze SV

Launch Event January 31st, 6:00-8:00pm Midtown Arts Mercantile Building in San Jose RSVP requested In 2015, we […]

The Bee, Part III: Future Outlook for the Bee With Self-pollination, Human pollination, Synthetic Biology and Robot Bees

Bing, Yu, Kuo, Gioietta

Faced with a vast reduction in the bee population, what will our future society look like? Bees […]

The Bee, Part II: Disappearance of the Bees, What We Can Do to Help

Kuo, Gioietta

The importance of bees in our food cycle cannot not be over-emphasized. More than 2/3 of the […]

The Bee, Part I: Dance of the Bees

Kuo, Gioietta

Bees are not ordinary wildlife. They have a special relationship with human society. For millions of years […]

MAHB Weekly Roundup | Dec 30-Jan 5

With the new year underway, we wanted to share some of the new materials that were recently […]

The Ecological Citizen, Interview with Paul Ehrlich

The Ecological Citizen editorial team interviews Paul R. Ehrlich on the extent his early research informed his views […]

Bee –An Endangered Species

Gioietta Kuo presents the devastating reduction of bee populations around the world, considering the implications and drivers […]

Where to? Genetic Engineering —Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO, Synthetic Life and Bioethics

Authors Gioietta Kuo and Lane Jennings consider the different directions the future could push genetic modification research, […]

The Population Crisis – A Call to Arms, Part Two

Rimmer, Eric

The following post is Part Two of Eric Rimmer’s earlier article, The Population Crisis – A Call […]

What Will It Really Take to Avoid Collapse?

Lent, Jeremy

Fifteen thousand scientists have issued a dire warning to humanity about impending collapse but virtually no-one takes […]

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