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Responding to the human predicament.
Reducing the threat of a shattering collapse of civilization.


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Beyond Computational Thinking – a ‘Cloud of Unknowing’ for the 21st century

Bart Hawkins Kreps

This article was originally published in on January 29, 2019. If people are to make wise […]


MAHB Member Survey Results

Thank you MAHB community, for completing the MAHB Member Survey in January! We learned a lot from […]


Weekly News February 18th

Jonathan Staufer

Might Cupid’s arrow have struck the Senate two days before Valentine’s Day? In an almost unheard-of bipartisan […]

This article was originally published by BuzzFeed on February 9, 2019

A Huge Climate Change Movement Led by Teenage Girls Is Sweeping Europe. And It’s Coming to the US Next.

This article was originally published by BuzzFeed on February 9, 2019 Students are going on strike around […]

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The Cliff Edge: Generating Political Will for the Required Level of Change

Randy Hayes

Without rapid change many will not survive societal breakdowns. The natives and the newcomers living the natural […]

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Climate and Controversy

As a locus for fact-finding and evaluating competing claims while the political branchesare deadlocked, the courtroom can […]

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Hey progressives, can we stop using the tools of social justice to tear one another down?

This blog was originally published in Nonprofit AF in September 2018 Hi everyone. This might be another […]

Front Cover of Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic | Stanford University Press

The Root of Misaligned Jaws

The sudden rise is prevalence of crooked teeth is likely related to industrialized diets and environments, rather […]

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Collapse is already here

Many people are expecting some degree of approaching collapse — be it economic, environmental and/or societal — thinking that […]

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Earth’s Extinction Crisis- Warning Signs

Silence in the Serengeti. Barren rainforests in Brazil. Some say this is the future Earth faces if […]

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Driving Forward: Exploring the Options for Smart, Sustainable Motorways

In an attempt to make driving safer and more energy-efficient, countries around the world have begun experimenting […]

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Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers

Biodiversity of insects is threatened worldwide. Here, we present a comprehensive review of 73 historical reports of […]

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Tasmania is burning. The climate disaster future has arrived while those in power laugh at us

Scott Morrison is trying to scare people about economic policy but seems blithely unaware people are already […]

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Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’

Exclusive: Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review. The world’s […]

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The Uninhabitable Earth- Life After Warming

ABOUT THE UNINHABITABLE EARTH “The Uninhabitable Earth hits you like a comet, with an overflow of insanely lyrical prose […]

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Managing Planetary Collapse

Last week, I gave a five day workshop on “Managing Planetary Collapse” at a retreat center in […]

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BBC Earth Podcast

BBC Earth presents a podcast the size of a planet, telling stories about nature, science and our […]

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Biospheric Literacy and Sustainability 101- Talking Points

On behalf of Biospheric Literacy and Sustainability 101, find the following note cards with talking points related […]

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Making Democracy Work for People and the Planet – A MAHB Dialogue with Author, Humanist Frances Moore Lappé

Holland, Geoffrey

Frances Moore Lappe is an American researcher, author and social change activist in the area of food […]


If Not for the Animals, Do it for the Planet

Aydurmus, Didem

Liberation Berlin More and more people go vegan. At least it seems like it. The vegan market […]

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The Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan

With this emergency paper, the Club of Rome is attempting to respond to the direct  calls for […]


In Response to Lies and Hate, Let Me Make Some Things Clear About My Climate Strike

If everyone listened to the scientists and the facts that I constantly refer to—then no one would […]

Triple Bottom Line YouTube video

Triple Bottom Line: the science of good business

Watch Sustainability Illustrated’s video on the Triple Bottom Line, an illustration of how the economy is a […]


Coral, Cancer, Carbon

Mark Hixon is a marine biologist at Oregon State University who specializes on understanding the ecology of […]


Consequences of global shipping traffic for marine giants

Abstract: Shipping routes in the ocean are analogous to terrestrial roads, in that they are regularly used […]

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