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Taxing Denial: Putting American climate denial to use

Julian Cribb

In an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump’s newly appointed Chief of Staff, the Republican National Committee […]

Science – Missing from the U.S. Presidential Election

Steve Gill

As I watched the most disgusting presidential election I can remember I am in despair. The Earth […]

Survival Despite the People: Democratic Destruction or Sustainable Meritocracy

Without working life support systems life on Earth becomes impossible. This book recognises this simple condition as […]

Solving Overshoot: End Overpopulation or Stop Overconsumption

The evidence is clear: the scale of the human enterprise has outgrown our planet. We need to […]

The Intrinsic Value of Wolverines

Ellen Woodbury

I am enamored of wolverines and their mountain peak habitat.  I have never seen a wolverine in […]

Opinion: First thoughts on Trump-era science

Anne H. Ehrlich, Paul R. Ehrlich

Stanford researchers Paul and Anne Ehrlich offer suggestions on coping in a world where science suddenly feels […]

Last Stop Before Tomorrow

Three characters face issues of climate change and our human relationship with technology through the millennia. Prometheus, […]

I Am Madagascar | Benefit Exhibition

In collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society in Madagascar and the Rogue Foundation, Conservation through Poverty Alleviation […]

Active Remedy attends COP22

Active Remedy attended COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco to further its mission to get mountain regions protected and restored […]

How many people should there be?

Benjamin Dancer

There is an important question I’ve recently started asking. It’s a question of such importance I wish […]

GrowthBusters Free Screening | Nov. 23 through Dec. 2

Each year, in response to America’s strange habit of a post-Thanksgiving shopping spree, Dave Gardner holds a […]

150 years of global warming in a minute-long symphony – video

“Sometimes, a tune can say so much more than an image or words. Here, we turn almost […]

Ancient Truce: Recasting a respectful coexistence


As is the case with most wildlife artists I know, I have always hoped that my sculptures […]

Trumping Trump

Julian Cribb

Contrary to appearances, Donald Trump might just be the best thing that ever happened to climate action. […]

Of Population and Pollution –A Global Warming Primer

One Man’s Thoughts on What We Need to Do to Prevent Human Extinction from Overpopulation and Global […]

Recognizing the Power of Art

David Wagner

Environmental Impact sequel continues to share artistic works focused on pressing environmental issues   A sequel to […]

The Ecological Aftermath of a Politically-Counterintuitive Situation

Michael Charles Tobias

It is by no means the first time that a nation has narrowly voted to ensure that […]

COP 22 | Marrakech, Morocco, 7-18 November

“At the Marrakech Climate Change Conference – November 2016 (7-18 November), nations of the world will continue […]

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Before the Flood’: A Review

Rob Hopkins, Transition Network

This article was originally published November 2, 2016 by Rob Hopkins with the Transition Network. The original article […]

MAHB November 2016 Newsletter

What isn’t being talked about? This issue of the MAHB Newsletter digs into topics too often missing from […]

From the Sea of Cortez: Experiencing animals on their terms

Kim Diment

I was so excited when we spotted Coatis on our first Nacapulae Canyon walk. I had only […]

Humanity Needs You
World Vasectomy Day

Jonathan Stack

Thirty-five years ago, I spent almost a year living in Peru’s Amazon forest amongst the Cacataibo. At […]

Before the Flood | Open Thread

From filmmaker Fisher Stevens, Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world speaking to scientists and world leaders about the […]

Future Earth October 2016 Newsletter!

Future Earth is a major international research platform providing the knowledge and support to accelerate transformations to […]

The Rise of an Ecomissionary Philosophical Movement

“Nearly a half century after Dana Meadows, Edward Goldsmith, Paul Ehrlich, and other environmental prophets first warned […]

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