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When Virtual Reality Is No Match For A True Life In The Wild: The amazing “all natural” photographs of Thomas D. Mangelsen

Wilkinson, Todd

In this age of superior environmental awareness, when mass media and virtual reality are ostensibly supposed to […]

How conservation programs can be strengthened by meeting family planning needs

Hirsch, Carina, Johnson, David, Population and Sustainability Network

As part of the global Family Planning Summit held in London on 11th July, the Population & […]

The climate mitigation gap: education and government recommendations miss the most effective individual actions

There’s a gap between what the numbers indicate are the individual lifestyle choices most effective at reducing […]

Protect Children’s Health, Eliminate Lead Paint

Brosché, Sara

The man, an African executive sitting in front of me, is crying. He had been aware, in […]

Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate population losses and declines

Ceballos, Ehrlich, and Dirzo demonstrate how assessments of Earth’s sixth mass extinction that focus on species level […]

Collective Creation of Public Space

Cabrerizo Sanz, Casilda

The people of Madrid are taking to the streets again. Public institutions have joined forces with local […]

Why ecocentrism is the key pathway to sustainability

Cryer, Paul, Kopnina, Helen, Piccolo, John J., Taylor, Bron, Washington, Haydn

The Earth’s biodiversity and ecological integrity is being lost at an ever-increasing rate due to human impacts. […]

Bringing Scientific Data to Life through Art: Jill Pelto constructs effective ways to communicate science through art

Gavenus, Erika, Pelto, Jill

Through the Arts Community space and weekly blog posts the MAHB has been highlighting artists who create work […]

Saving the Biosphere: The case for biosphere reserves in Nepal

Sharma, Binod

The biosphere is as important as life itself because it is all of life. Without the biosphere, […]

State of the World 2017 | EarthEd: Rethinking education on a changing planet

In its State of the World 2017 publication, The Worldwatch Institute turns its attention to how education systems […]

Cinema and Culture Along the River

Mendonça, Rafael

The Cinema no Rio Project brings films, workshops and discussions about the reality of the immense São […]

The End of Being: Abrupt Climate Change One of Many Ecological Crises Threatening to Collapse the Biosphere

Barry, Glen

This post was originally published by EcoInternet. The original piece can be found here. As industrial human […]

The tech threat: Moving towards a dystopian future

Technologies that will shape our future are already in play around us, and they will soon wreak […]

Creating the Canvas: A collaboration between Scott Bennett and Tom Baumgartner

Baumgartner, Tom, Bennett, Scott, Gavenus, Erika

Over the past weeks, the MAHB has had the pleasure of sharing the incredible collaborative work being […]

In the US, who is still taking action?

As federal policies and actions fall behind, and in many cases reverse course, in the U.S. some […]

Moving Away From the Pro-Growth Economy

Gavenus, Erika

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review the MAHB’s ongoing project, Moving Away From […]

Green China: In pursuit of rebuilding as ‘an ecological civilization’

Cribb, Julian

Capitalising on failures of U.S. leadership, China is emerging as a potential ‘great green power’ of the […]

Webinar | Great Transition Initiative

How can we ‘be more explicit’ about the need for change, what that change looks like, and […]

The Non-Scientist’s Guide to Reading and Understanding a Scientific Paper

Scientists continue to work on improving their communication skills, but in the meantime how can the public […]

The Future Is What We Make of It—But What Will That Be?

Lent, Jeremy

Imagine a satellite being launched into orbit, but its controls aren’t working too well. If the trajectory […]

Alan Alda’s Experiment: Helping Scientists Learn To Talk To The Rest Of Us

In a short interview with Lulu Garcia-Navarro on Weekend Edition Sunday, Alan Alda introduces his new book. If […]

The Next 82 Years: Faculty and Students Confronting Existential Challenges | Malcolm Potts

Since 1950, the global population and the global economy together have grown at 3.9 percent per year—doubling […]

Rizoma Field School: Practicing Resilience in a Latin American Context

Colby, Ashley

I was sitting in grad school class and my mind was seven thousand miles away – thinking […]

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