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Webinar | Great Transition Initiative

How can we ‘be more explicit’ about the need for change, what that change looks like, and […]

The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity’s Search for Meaning

Lent, Jeremy

The same underlying patterns of Western thought that gave us the benefits of science are also driving […]

The Elders Are Rebelling

Cribb, Julian

There is a palpable wrath, out there in Elderland. The Elders, it seems, are no longer happy […]

Science Inspires Art: OCEAN | Open Call For Entries

Science Inspires Art: OCEAN Annual Art-Sci Juried Exhibition organized by Art & Science Collaborations at the New […]

The Implications of Isolation: A Collaboration Between Heather Green and Taylor Edwards

Edwards, Taylor, Gavenus, Erika, Green, Heather

Fine artist and educator Heather Green, has teamed up with herpetologist and geneticist, Taylor Edwards, for the […]

Everything You Want to Know About Population: Bill Ryerson on Conversation Earth

Dave Gardner, moderator of the MAHB Media Messaging Node, talks with Population Media Center President Bill Ryerson […]

What do you care about?

Burkey, Tormod V.

If you’re going to dedicate your life to fighting to save the world, you need a pretty […]

French President Macron’s message to climate scientists

In February, then candidate now President Elect of France, Emmanuel Macron shared a short address to American […]

The Human Ecological Predicament: Wages of Self-Delusion

Rees, William E.

Techno-industrial society is in dangerous ecological overshoot—the human ecological footprint is at least 60% larger than the […]

The interaction of human population, food production, and biodiversity protection

Though many scenarios for feeding a world of 10 billion people while maintaining biodiversity have been proposed, […]

Scientists, Stop Thinking Explaining Science Will Fix Things

How can scientists effectively communicate science? If the goal is to change opinions, Tim Requarth suggests moving […]

July 10 hosted by the Population & Sustainability Network | A win-win for human and environmental health: How conservation programmes can be strengthened by meeting family planning needs

A win-win for human and environmental health: How conservation programmes can be strengthened by meeting family planning […]

Stopping For Pozos: A Collaboration Between Ben Wilder and Ben Johnson

Gavenus, Erika, Johnson, Ben, Wilder, Ben

Driving along the highway through northwestern Mexico’s Gran Desierto you might not notice the pozos dotted amongst […]

Moving Away From the Pro-Growth Economy

Gavenus, Erika

The current economic system being utilized and internalized relies on perpetual growth. It has long operated counter […]

6&6 A Science-Art Collaboration: Exploring the patterns and processes of the Sonoran Desert and Gulf of California

Gavenus, Erika, Kapoor, Maya L.

What do deserts bring to mind for you? For some they are stark. Unforgiving. Isolating. For others […]

How Western civilisation could collapse

Some possible precipitating factors are already in place. How the West reacts to them will determine the […]

When political fantasy trumps scientific fact

Cribb, Julian

During the 1930s, around ten million Russians and Ukrainians starved to death in a horrific event known […]

Ideal Algebra, a novel by Michael Charles Tobias

A new novel from Dancing Star Foundation President Michael Charles Tobias: It is the early 21st century, in […]

April 22nd | Earth Day and March for Science

This year’s Earth Day activities included widespread gatherings of people standing together around the world to acknowledge and voice the […]

The Inner Sense of Trees | A children’s book from Active Remedy Ltd.

Joy, Tara

Active Remedy Ltd. is a UK-based Not for Profit Company founded in 2005. Active Remedy focuses upon uniting people […]

Obama’s science diaspora prepares for a fight

With only a bare-bones staff being maintained at the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) […]

Listening to Extinction: Rachmaninoff, science, and a moral call to action

McCabe, Rachelle, Moore, Kathleen Dean

It is impossible to hear the silence of vanished birdsong. We can’t see the absence of rainbow […]

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