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Second Calling

Exploring firsthand the intersections between art and science, Susan McConnell, a developmental neuro-biologist at Stanford, shares her […]

New Atlantis

Immersive theatre lays bare climate dilemmas The year is 2050. Miami has been abandoned due to rising […]

Another Major Climate Breakthrough

Barbara Finamore, Susan Finder

China Will Cap its Coal Consumption by 2020 Barabara Finamore and Susan Finder take a detailed look at the […]

Call for Proposals: Transformative Knowledge Networks

A new long-term vision to address today’s great challenges of global environmental change and sustainability through enduring […]

Legally Brief: Animal Protection and Human Population Growth

Carter Dillard, Director of Litigation with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and Stephanie Feldstein, Population and Sustainability […]

Dealing with femtorisks in international relations

How can risks be properly analyzed in an era of multiple, interdependent, non-state actors? Frank et al. explore […]

Rising temperatures reduce global wheat production

Asseng et al. systematically tested 30 different wheat crop models against field experiments to determine how to […]

Workshop: School on Modelling Tools and Capacity Building in Climate and Public Health

July 20-31, 2015 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | School on Modelling Tools and Capacity Building in Climate […]

Synchronized peak-rate years of global resources use

Seppelt et al. estimate the peak-rate years for resources ranging from cassava to oil and explore the […]

Visualizing Sea-Level Rise with Time Goggles

Thomas Schueneman reports that two OWL viewers will be installed at the Almonte entrance of the Sausalito-Mill […]

A handball game in Rwanda has goals beyond the net, impacting child nutrition and family planning

Umurage Media Center and Population Media Center joined the Rwanda Handball Federation to host a national handball […]

Multi-year Arctic sea ice 2014

The most visible change in the Arctic region in recent years has been the rapid decline of […]

Why We’re Not Ditching Resilience Yet…

Rhys Kelly and Ute Kelly conducted a survey to gather reflections on ‘resilience’ and “present preliminary themes […]

Planetary boundaries: Guiding human development on a changing planet

Will Steffen et al. gauge the breaking points of the natural world, and which we may have […]

The geographical distribution of fossil fuels unused when limiting global warming to 2 °C

Christophe McGlade & Paul Ekins use a single integrated assessment model to explore the implications for fossil […]

Marine defaunation: Animal loss in the global ocean

from authors Douglas J. McCauley, Malin L. Pinksy, Stephen R. Palumbi, James A. Estes, Francis H. Joyce […]

Learning from Icarus

Erik Assadourian

A reflection on how making society more resilient may be worse than doing nothing at all. What if […]

7 family planning trends to watch for in 2015

Christopher Purdy and Phil Harvey outline 7 issues and trends in international family planning to keep your […]

Pope Francis Says Catholics Don’t Need To Breed ‘Like Rabbits’

Pope Francis has made some recent headline-grabbing statements concerning reproduction, asking Catholics to practice “responsible parenthood”.  The […]

2015 U.S. State of the Union

January 20th | 9pm Eastern Time | Washington, DC Follow and watch the 2015 U.S. State of […]

Is “resilience” the new sustainababble?

Laurie Mazue and Denise Fairchild question the current, and growing, use of the term ‘resilience’ with the […]

Online Course: The Age of Sustainable Development

An online course from the Sustainable Development Solutions Network by Jeffrey Sachs.  Click here to learn more […]

A Population Perspective on the Steady State Economy

January 15, 2015 – Herman Daly provides his perspective on how populations of both humans and their […]

Could Global Tide Be Starting To Turn Against Fossil Fuels?

“From an oil chill in the financial world to the recent U.S.-China agreement on climate change, recent […]

Dreams from endangered cultures

Wade Davis discusses another extinction event occurring on our planet, that of the world’s diverse indigenous cultures. […]

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