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Overpopulation: The New Conversation

Journalist Alan Weisman, Filmaker Dave Gardner, and Author Benjamin Dancer join together for the webinar series Overpopulation: […]

Painting Animals and Protecting Wildscapes

John Banovich

My artistic journey began, in many ways, at age 7 when I completed my first oil painting […]

The Dancing Star Foundation 2016 Research Fellow

The Dancing Star Foundation is pleased to introduce its 2016 Research Fellow, Dr. Melanie DeVore: Dr. Melanie […]

Is Jack The Good Guy or the Bad Guy? A thought experiment

Benjamin Dancer

Readers of my eco-thriller Patriarch Run tend to struggle with the character Jack. It’s hard to know what […]

Dangerous idiots: how the liberal media elite failed working-class Americans

Trump supporters are not the caricatures journalists depict – and native Kansan Sarah Smarsh sets out to […]

The Awakening: From observing and sculpting to helping protect

Dale Weiler

I was reaping the rewards           of my sculpting without       […]

Solving the Salton Sea crisis

The story of California’s Salton Sea is often used to question the engineering of mighty rivers to […]

Writing to Change the World: Teaching Social Justice through Writers Workshop

Lily Diamond

The collective hum of the room quickly subsides as the classroom phone begins to ring. I can […]

Conspiracies and Contraception Reading Series

Benjamin Dancer and the Center for Biological Diversity launch the Conspiracies and Contraception Reading Series October 15, […]

Population, Resources, and the Faith-Based Economy: the Situation in 2016

How has the population-resource-environment situation changed since the publishing of The Population Bomb in 1968? Paul and Anne […]

MAHB Site Roundup!

It has been another busy week and many new and exciting resources have been added to the MAHB […]

Avoiding collapse: Grand challenges for science and society to solve by 2050

Anthony D. Barnosky, Paul R. Ehrlich and Elizabeth A. Hadly in presenting the challenging, intertwined problems facing […]

Call for Abstracts | Transformations 2017: Transformations in Practice

The Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience (CECHR) at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK is […]

Lifeline – Painting the bigger picture

Julie Askew

No species is forever, according to scientific rules of terrestrial biology. Five major extinctions in the last […]

Paris Climate Change Agreement to Enter into Force!

With  over 55 parties covering more than 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions ratifying the Paris Climate […]

Author Uses Eco-Thriller to Raise Awareness about Population Growth

Colorado author Benjamin Dancer wrote a “a hard-shooting kick of a thriller” to raise awareness about the […]

Collapse of Insect Gut Symbiosis under Simulated Climate Change

With increasing appreciation for the role gut bacterium play in the development and fitness of animals, how […]

Global warming could kill off ‘good bacteria’, exposing an ‘Achilles’ heel’ in the ecosystem

Rising temperatures may be too much for bacteria that form a mutually beneficial relationship with many animals […]

To build a sustainable world, academics need to tear down the Ivory Tower

Anthony D. Barnosky, Elizabeth A. Hadly, Paul R. Ehrlich

Avoiding societal collapse means building bridges between science and the rest of the world. This article originally […]

Surviving the 21st Century: Humanity’s Ten Great Challenges and How We Can Overcome Them

The book explores the central question facing humanity today: how can we best survive the ten great […]

Developing Climate Resilience: An Island Perspective

Wednesday, October 5th, 1:30 to 5:00 pm (EDT) at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC With the […]

MAHB Site Roundup!

It has been a bit since the last roundup, and many new and exciting resources have been […]

Another reason why a steady-state economy will not be a capitalist economy

Ted Trainer takes a critical look at the position that a steady-state economy can exist within a […]

The Right to Health (Parts I & II)

Health in Harmony shares this two-part series exploring the right to health and how it relates to […]

Banning nuclear weapons is crucial for global health

Less than 1% of the nuclear weapons in the world today could put two billion people at […]

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