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Why we need to rethink capitalism

In his TED Talk from March 2015, Paul Tudor Jones II makes the case for diversifying the […]

#ECRPaper: Fertility decline and the changing dynamics of wealth, status and inequality

How do fertility, wealth, status and inequality relate to each other in the course of demographic transitions? […]


The International Network of Next Generation Ecologists (INNGE, [in-jee]) is a network of ecologists that seeks to […]

The next generation of antibiotics might be right under our feet

Andrew Beattie

The discovery of a new antibiotic called teixobactin was announced by international team of researchers, in January […]

Global Population Speak Out Campaign

The Global Population Speak Out unveiled its newest campaign short film March 27th during Speak Out’s panel discussion […]

The Arctic has lost so much ice that now people want to race yachts through it

Open waters of the Arctic Ocean are spurring competition, and this time it is not among oil […]

Exceptional twentieth-century slowdown in Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation

Researchers present evidence that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation has been reduced over the twentieth century. This […]

Measuring and Monitoring Gender Behavior Change in Agriculture Programs

Thursday, April 16, 2015 | 9:00 to 16:00 EDT | Carnegie Conference Center, 1779 Massachusetts Ave NW, […]

Long-term decline of the Amazon carbon sink

Tree mortality rates in the Amazon are increasing and affecting the region’s capacity to store carbon. Whereas […]

On the Nature of Things

March 25-27th, Paul R. Ehrlich joined Karole Armitage and her dance company, Armitage Gone! Dance as narrator for the performance On […]

Doctor Nature: How our health hinges on biodiversity

Holly Moeller

In 1928, a Scottish biologist named Alexander Fleming got very, very lucky. So lucky, in fact, that he […]

Forum: The Right to Health?

In honor of National Public Health Week here in the US, we would like to highlight a […]

Carbon Capture

Has climate change made it harder for people to care about conservation? Jonathon Franzen considers how painting […]

Decentralized energy systems for clean electricity access

Are there ways to address the needs of 1.3 billion people lacking electricity while also transitioning away […]

Yardfarmers Calls for Contestants

What happens when you take six young Americans and move them back in with their parents to […]

Free streaming of Mother: Caring for 7 Billion

In honor of Earth Day the film Mother: Caring for 7 Billion is streaming free for the […]

#ECRPaper: Highlighting papers from early career researchers

The International Network of Next-Generation Ecologists (INNGE) is a network that seeks to bring early career ecologists together […]

Heat and Hotheads: The Effect of Rising Temperatures on Urban Unrest

Is our growing globe of cities and rapidly changing climate a ticking time bomb of social unrest? Adam Yeeles […]

Mind the Gap

Holly Moeller

Recently the Pew Research Center unveiled results from a poll comparing the scientific views of the American public and […]

Why (Some) People Don’t Believe In Climate Science

For It’s Okay To Be Smart, Joe Hanson explains the science behind why (s0me) people continue to […]

Ploughing On Regardless

Almost all other issues are superficial by comparison to soil loss. So why don’t we talk about […]

Naomi Oreskes on “Merchants of Doubt”

Alex Wise interviews Naomi Oreskes on Sea Change Radio about the recent film Merchants of Doubt based on the […]

Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot

“Every problem facing humanity, from poverty to violent conflict over resources, is exacerbated by a ballooning human […]

Obama Administration to Curb Coal Mining on Federal Land

The U.S. Department of the Interior is revisiting the current program that allows coal companies to lease […]

Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations

“Dirt, soil, call it what you want—it’s everywhere we go. It is the root of our existence, […]

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